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Need an Executive Curriculum Vitae?

In the professional marketplace, having the right documentation behind you can mean the difference between failure and success. As a professional – whether you’re a doctor, an academic, an educator, a government executive or a high-level executive – you require an exceptional curriculum vitae to take you one step further in your career.

Our business has been designed as an exclusive CV Writing Service to help you drive your career, motivate self-assurance and secure your next interview for a professional position, fellowship or grant.

Our specialist CV writers possess the experience and the expertise to tailor your CV for the right audience, whether they are board members, CEOs, university professors or executive managers. With our customised CV services and our expert knowledge in CV writing, you can be confident that our writers will provide you with a highly crafted, professional and results-driven document that will propel you to success in the competitive marketplace.

What Is a Curriculum Vitae or CV?

It’s important to understand that a curriculum vitae or CV differs somewhat from an executive resume. While a resume is generally used to apply for corporate and general executive job positions, it is usually shorter and doesn’t normally showcase publications, academic research, awards, and patents.

A CV, on the other hand, is often longer and more detailed. A CV will usually be requested when applying for high-level professional, medical, academic and educational positions, as well as government, scientific or research positions. They may also be required for fellowship, grant and PhD applications.

Entry into these fields and areas is extremely, aggressive and highly specialised, often requiring a specific background, education and skillset that cannot be easily transferred from another profession.

Unlike a resume, a curriculum vitae will include additional details about your tertiary education and qualifications, and your academic background. It will also include any teaching experience you’ve had, details of published papers and presentations at conferences. If you have received any awards, licences, grants or honours, these should also be included.

Why Do You Need a CV?

The aim of a CV is to present you as an experienced professional and get you that all-important interview. Your CV will incorporate a wide range of skills and activities, drawing upon your achievements as a leading or emerging expert.

Employers, board members, academic deans and other professionals will gain an impression of your contributions to your profession with your curriculum vitae. It needs to accentuate your suitability for the position whether it be medical, academic, or research, etc. It must portray you as someone who is actively involved in a profession and qualified to practice or operate within it.

And your success in your chosen field – whether it be medical, scientific, policy-based or academic – depends greatly on the clarity, the language and the presentation of your CV document.

Interested in our CV Services? Simply review our CV Writing Services, and visit our Online Shop to purchase. Good luck!